Current Incubatees at the ESA BIC Bavaria:

Oberpfaffenhofen     |     Nürnberg     |     Berchtesgadener Land

Company Founder Profile

Alerion Technologies Raymond Oung
Oier Penagaricano
Alerion Technologies develops and commercializes advanced modular small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) more

Bodymonitor Georgios Papastefanou Bodymonitor Systems - Mapping emotional responses to socio-physical environments more

Geocledian GmbH Stefan Scherer

green spin UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Sebastian Fritsch
Clemens Delatrée
Gunther Schorcht
Satellite-based analysis, monitoring and forecasting of agricultural resources more

LIINITA Dominik Eggert LIINITA provides convenient, affordable and quick city transportation for trips of up to 15 kilometers.

Lilium GmbH Daniel Wiegand
Sebastian Born
Patrick Nathen
Matthias Meiner

mobalo GmbH Tom Rauhe
Manfred Kuhn
We believe that companies of any size should be able to do relevant and modern advertising that works. more

NavVis GmbH Sebastian Hilsenbeck
Robert Huitl
Dr. Georg Schroth
Dr. Felix Reinshagen
NavVis brings indoor mapping and positioning to the next level. Our trolley creates photorealistic 3D models of even the largest indoor spaces on the go. Explore them with our web-based IndoorViewer for virtual shopping, construction monitoring, online facility management etc. Via these models, our patented indoor positioning engine lets the camera of your smartphone "see" where you are. more

ReActive Robotics Alexander König

Runfun GmbH Dr. Erwin Prassler

SAT4m2m UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Martin Haunschild SAT4m2m - Global M2M Communications via Satellite more

Spectrum Aerospace Research Corporation GmbH Dr. Michael Schlüter Spectrum ARC is an international aerospace company that provides engineering and consulting services and works on hardware development and test setups for aerospace research and industry institutions. more

Teiimo Markus Strecker

TPCM AG Corvin Huber
Florian Seidl
Thin Ply Composites + Manufacturing more

Wayz Solutions GmbH Tomas Orlik
Dr. Wolfgang Dorner
Julian Scheuchenzuber
Wayz Solutions develops and markets gLOC, your great last mile navigation. gLOC is a link (or M2M data source) in a cloud, which easily marks and communicates location data such as coordinates or addresses including descriptions. more

WxFUSION GmbH Dr Caroline Forster
Dr Arnold Tafferner
Real time thunderstorm Information all along the flight more
Company Founder Profile

Connected Technologies GmbH Markus Bohl Fello - a Smartwatch-based Safety Solution for Seniors. more

go11save Robert Katschke
Claus Lewald
Reinventing Cargo and Luggage Security more

GREENSPIDER GmbH Alessandro Cantore Technology for Clean Mobility more

LIV tec GmbH Peer Kohlstetter LIV is a positioning solution, based on Wi-Fi, by using Wi-Fi signals to locate persons or equipment. more

Root Value Erwin Feldhaus
Jose Alcocer
Interconnecting the worlds of primary producers, with the B2B environment and Final Users, rootvalue is a technology-based ecosystem and service that guarantees traceability and authenticity to enable transparent supply chains. More
Berchtesgadener Land
Company Founder Profile

Personal GPS Solutions UG Jochen Maier LET°S GEO - Location-Based Gaming and GPS Navigation for Sport, Outdoors, and Tourism more

Zippermast GmbH Frank Woodcock Zippermast - development, production and integration of sophisticated and innovative telescopic mast more