Current Incubatees at the ESA BIC Bavaria:

Oberpfaffenhofen     |     Ottobrunn     |     Nürnberg     |     Berchtesgadener Land

Company Founder Profile

AF-AX Felix Koellner Bionic, Aeroflexible Surface Technology Boosts Efficiency in Aerodynamic Applications more

Boxmesh GmbH Michael Zölzer Get your parcels the individual and fast way more

Building Radar GmbH Paul Indinger
Leopold Neuerburg
Global satellite-supported search engine for construction projects more

Geocledian GmbH Stefan Scherer Global field monitoring service for web applications more

Lilium GmbH Daniel Wiegand
Sebastian Born
Patrick Nathen
Matthias Meiner
Developing a personal two-seat electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capability more

Quantum-Systems GmbH Florian Seibel Quantum The Future of Drone Technology more

ReActive Robotics GmbH Alexander König Early mobilisation therapy robot for neurological and orthopaedic patients more

Runfun GmbH Dr. Erwin Prassler Your next personal fitness and health trainer: a robotic running coach more

SAT4m2m UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Martin Haunschild SAT4m2m - Global M2M Communications via Satellite more

Scoo me GmbH Magnus Schmidt
Christoph Becker
Rent scooters with your smartphone and park anywhere you like more

Teiimo GmbH Markus Strecker Conformable electronics, sensors, and textile integration more

TerraLoupe GmbH Manuela Rasthofer
Josef Schindler
Acquiring geo-imagery, writing code, and training object recognition algorithms to find the small pieces of relevance in big data more

Vectoflow GmbH Katharina Kreitz
Florian Wehner
Vectoflow Measurements in Fluids more

Vemcon UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Jan Rotard
Julian Profanter
System for simplifying the handling of mobile working machines and increasing productivity more

Wayz Solutions GmbH Tomas Orlik
Dr. Wolfgang Dorner
Julian Scheuchenzuber
Wayz Solutions develops and markets gLOC, your great last mile navigation. gLOC is a link (or M2M data source) in a cloud, which easily marks and communicates location data such as coordinates or addresses including descriptions. more
Company Founder Profile

Cevotec GmbH Felix Michl Industrialising the production of complex carbon composites more

Company Founder Profile

EULA IT GmbH Joao Teixeira Soares
Thomas Hetzer
Bringing Personalised Customer Relationships and Customized Products to the Masses more

Root Value Erwin Feldhaus
Jose Alcocer
Interconnecting the worlds of primary producers, with the B2B environment and Final Users, rootvalue is a technology-based ecosystem and service that guarantees traceability and authenticity to enable transparent supply chains. More

Workaround GmbH Jonas Girardet
Thomas Kirchner
A smart glove that helps workers in logistics and manufacturing to work more efficiently. More
Berchtesgadener Land
Company Founder Profile

Personal GPS Solutions UG Jochen Maier LET°S GEO - Location-Based Gaming and GPS Navigation for Sport, Outdoors, and Tourism more

Zippermast GmbH Frank Woodcock Zippermast - development, production and integration of sophisticated and innovative telescopic mast more