Alumni of the ESA BIC Bavaria:

Company Founder Profil

Advanced Navigation Solutions - ANAVS Patryk Jurkowski
Dr Patrick Henkel
Galileo and GPS multi-frequency differential carrier phase receiver systems providing centimetre-level accuracy more

AEVO GmbH Joao Graciano Increasing the autonomy of robotic systems to provide our customers with new and improved capabilities. more

agrista GmbH Helmut Drewes Transparent standardized global system to reduce risks and costs of investing in emerging economies' agricultural production. more

Airvionic GmbH Frank Fox
Dirk Fox
AIRVIONIC - Developing, Building, and Renting Flying Cameras Based on Multicopter Technology more

Atmosphere GmbH Jean-Marc Gaubert Providing pre-flight weather data via the GSM mobile network, to be extended with connectivity via satellites for in-flight services. more

audiohood UG Gerhard Tauschl
Klaus Bscheid
audiohood is where people will meet to conversate, get help, obtain information, and enjoy all kinds of entertainment

avionTek GmbH Klaus Metzger avionTek GmbH develops the 3D-PILOT™ navigation product, a low-cost cockpit system assisting pilots of General Aviation (GA) to safely land on small and poorly equipped fields, under bad weather and low visibility conditions. more

CloudEO AG Dr. Manfred Krischke CloudEO is a unique portal for all those who create, interpret, and use geodata. more

Federberg GmbH - Twigspot Martin Schönberger
Daniel Federauer
twigspot helps you to find out what is going on at certain locations right now. more

Geosat Technology AG Michael Mumelter Finding Ground Resources via Satellite Data Interpretation Technology more

GRYPHstar UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Dr.-Ing. Andreas Groth GRYPHstar stands for excellence in the net-enabled management (NEC) of objects, events, and incidents with advanced protection needs. more

Intelligence on Wheels UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Dr. Thomas Strang
Dr. Andreas Lehner
Intelligence on Wheels is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) committed to the commercialization of an innovative train collision avoidance system. more

Kinexon GmbH Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink
Dr. Oliver Trinchera
Kinexon ONE is a precision athlete monitoring system. It helps coaches to measure, analyze, and improve athlete performance and to protect the health of their athletes. more

Mobiliance AG Markus Hasinger intermodal and door-to-door mobility more

Modelon GmbH Johannes Gerl Computer simulation of multi-physical technical systems, especially focused on electric and hybrid cars more

nogago GmbH Dr Raphael Volz Mobile phone software to combine information relevant to the user's position and deliver according to users' needs more

ordofood GmbH Manuel Preisker The website works like a marketplace that connects customers and restaurants. Restaurant proprietors offer an optional number of meals at given prices for a specific period of time. more

PiMON GmbH Claus-Georg Müller Fiber optic based pipeline monitoring technology for real time incident detection and pinpoint localization. more

PPS GmbH Dr Joachim Metter In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, PPS continues to drive the development of real-time localisation systems. more

progenoX GmbH Frank Woodcock Using Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) systems and services to provide firefighters with technical and logistical support, thus ensuring safer firefighting operations. more

rapidlasso GmbH Dr Martin Isenburg Efficient software for processing LiDAR data more

SARMORE GmbH Dr Adriano Meta From SAR data generates carbon storage and biomass estimation for tropical forests, glacier movement, urban and mining areas more

SATOP GmbH Dr Thomas Heege SATOP provides fully automated, near real-time processing of Earth observation data to environmental geo-products

SemsoTec GmbH Jochen Semmelbauer ReadMe Series using innovative and new display technology in combination with biometrics and satellite positioning more

Simplias GmbH Jan Höppner Germany's Simplias GmbH is a leading company whose mobile solutions enable people to focus on their business. more

sportsCurve GmbH Christian Stammel SportsCurve is a real-time GNSS-based tracking and tracing platform more GmbH Tore Reimers
Karsten Maxem
Advanced flight performance optimization methods to reduce aircraft fuel consumption and cost more

Tiramizoo GmbH Michael Loehr Online booking platform for local same-day couriers, with route planner for faster delivery more

Treems GmbH Matthias Rosenberger Forest protection by a market based solution where anyone can buy existing protected trees and participate in saving our world more

ViaLight Communications GmbH Markus Knapek Laser data transmission between unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and high altitude platforms, and to the ground more

WASP-Logistik GmbH Florian Lange The German start-up company WASP-Logistik GmbH develops and provides a modular wood logistics platform. more