Wayz Solutions: the newest version of gLOC is now available

It has never been easier to collect and incorporate the location data of your company or holiday house. Wayz Solutions GmbH has launched the new release of its core last-mile navigation service.

Wayz Solutions GmbH has recently released a new version of its core last-mile navigation service gLOC 1.1, code named Prometheus. This new release features enhanced interfaces to weather data and local knowledge information - for instance nearby hotels, restaurants, events and entertainment. Business customers like hotels, transportation companies, online travel operators and others can now also enrich their gLOCs with their own branding and perfectly targeted advertisements.

gLOC is a cloud-based detailed description of last-mile navigation offering detailed driving/walking directions and parking tips, amended with photos, attachments or video. Any business or individual can easily describe the last mile of a route to their location in a structured text, attach photos and other descriptions and provide exact GPS coordinates together with contact data. A business can directly influence not only the content of the description, but also its position in search engines due to SEO settings.

In the area of B2B2C, gLOC can help hotel chains, OTAs, airlines, bus companies and others to provide precise and up-to-date location data in a package, making all important location details available to the user in only one or two clicks. This feature of gLOC saves travellers time and trouble by avoiding the need to search for this data themselves. The mobile solution of gLOC allows you to store all favourite gLOCs and to share them among business partners or friends. The App is available for iOS and Android.

To ensure easy and just-on-time delivery by logistic partners, B2B customers provide precise data for their industrial parks and complex buildings in the form of a particular gLOC.

The gLOC service runs as private beta (on invitation) at https://gloc.io For further information, please send a short message to hello@wayz-solutions.com