In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, PPS continues to drive the development of real-time localisation systems. In BlackFIR 2.4, we offer an intelligent development kit that makes it possible to find people and objects in real time (within districted areas).

Project: BlackFIR
BlackFIR provides fast, practical, and cost-effective insight into the world of real-time localisation while also supporting further enhancement.

Controlled by a user-friendly plug-and-play system, BlackFIR 2.4 is easy to deploy and includes all of the required hardware and software components, as well as a demo application. The modular development kit, meanwhile, is very flexible in terms of extensibility. If desired, additional system components from the BlackFIR series can be acquired in order to implement the localisation technology throughout organisations.

BlackFIR 2.4 transceiver

System components
The development kit includes a receiver unit - the BlackFIR 2.4 transceiver. Its main features are:
  1. Usability both indoors and outdoors
  2. Integration of angle and transit time measurement
  3. Innovative conception, including a single-point locator that minimises installation costs
Additionally, the development kit comes with four active transmitters characterised by their compact size.

BlackFIR 2.4 development kit

Due to the ever-changing market environment, precise localisation of goods being handled by logistics companies is becoming more and more important. While GPS systems have been useful in organising high-rack storage areas and other storage systems in the past, the technology of tomorrow needs to offer more sophisticated answers. Universal solutions like BlackFIR, which has been developed to provide a complete and open interface for integration into virtually any existing system, help handle the complex situations in today's logistics environments.

Especially in logistics processes (e.g. stock turnover), real-time localisation systems support the efficient coordination of crossing flows of goods. Continuous localisation of pallets, containers, and/or forklift trucks aids in preventing incorrect deliveries, reducing cycle times, increasing transparency in various goods movements.

In agriculture, the analytical scope of BlackFIR 2.4 ranges from the group dynamics of herds to the eating habits of livestock.

BlackFIR 2.4 also supports rescue services. Contrary to traditional systems, this real-time localisation system is not limited by separate zones or sections; it provides seamless and continuous localisation of all targets.

Rationalisation measures at hospitals are not supposed to endanger the provision of healthcare or lead to any neglect of medical quality. Due to this fact, cost reductions can only be achieved through optimisation of process structures and efficient utilisation of resources. In this context, real-time localisation systems at hospitals provide for faster availability of medical devices, which in turn ensures the highest possible standards of patient care.

Information and entertainment
BlackFIR 2.4 can be used as a guidance system at museums and virtually any other kind of exhibition, as well as in improving communication with customers. The system can enable visitors to find the exhibits they want to see and obtain position-dependent information.

Our unique value proposition
  • Seamless indoor/outdoor localisation with local radio technology
  • Security due to a long-lasting energy supply
  • Highest possible location accuracy thanks to a combination of different localisation systems
  • Adaptability to various environments and purposes
  • Possibility of combination with other current localisation systems
  • Scalability thanks to intelligent middleware
  • Very high data security ensured by cryptographic modules
  • Active identification of disturbance sources
Practical benefits
  • Direct cost savings through route optimisation
  • Vehicle collision avoidance
  • Increased efficiency due to precisely adapted planning possibilities
  • Reduced search times

From space to industry
Technologies that have been developed for space can be adapted to our solutions to provide for more accurate systems. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, PPS continues to drive the development of advanced technologies for real-time localisation. This includes the use and fusion of existing systems such as GPS and WLAN, as well as the development of totally new technologies.

ESA Business Incubation
PPS GmbH is to be hosted at the ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria (Nuremberg) from February 2012 to February 2014.

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