Technology for Clean Mobility

Greenspider develops technology solutions for sustainable mobility, in particular electromobility and vehicle-sharing schemes that meet the needs of citizens and municipalities in reducing urban traffic and CO2 emissions.

Greenspider's innovative technology consists of a miniaturized and low-consumption device with embedded satellite tracking, machine-to-machine communication, and near-field communication. This facilitates easy interaction between users and their vehicles and innovative services for electric vehicle sharing, such as mobile subscriptions and payment.

Project: SMASH (Smart Sharing)

Greenspider's commercial proposal for the growing segment of sustainable mobility, SMASH (Smart Sharing), aims to provide benefits that enable mobility operators and end users to easily and flexibly access innovative mobility solutions.

Greenspider technology facilitates efficient fleet monitoring, user authentication, and access thanks to near-field communication, which is now supported by most high-end smartphones.
Thanks to its advanced performance and high level of integration and miniaturization, the device can be embedded in small electric vehicles. This allows for remote monitoring of many vehicle parameters - such as speed, position, status, battery charge, and alarms - and the deployment of turn-key solutions based on a cloud platform, including web services, geo-referencing, and mobile access and payment.

From space to industry

Greenspider supports enhanced satellite positioning based on multiple satellite standards (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo).
Thanks to the increased availability of visible satellites, cross-correlation among signals of different standards, and the latest GNSS features like data integrity and protection levels, Greenspider can provide precise and certified localization. This increased level of reliability in mobility services is one key advantage Greenspider has over conventional commercial trackers.

Since Greenspider products are designed to support sustainable mobility, its energy harvesting technology represents another key characteristic that makes it possible to integrate devices into the vehicle without drawing power from its battery.

ESA Business Incubation

Greenspider is currently undergoing incubation at ESA BIC Bavaria's Nuremberg branch, where it relies on its technology partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.
Thanks to Fraunhofer's qualified expertise, Greenspider's products will contain state-of-the-art components for navigation and proximity technology that fulfil advanced standards of ultra-low-power design using hybrid technology and IC.


Greenspider's incubation began in May 2013 and will last until 2015. Its incubation partners and supporting entities include Anwendungszentrum GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrate Circuits, and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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